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The Partners Network

Is among the world’s leading organizations working to win the future of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and democratic change.

As global thought leaders and local implementers, Partners Network centers are using their technical process expertise to help advise and solve local and regional conflicts and, through the Network, leverage those successes to capture the imagination and engagement of their partners around the world. 

Impacts on a massive scale

By transforming the way leaders think about conflict, sharing values-driven processes, and working together, the Partners Network is achieving peacebuilding and democracy-building impacts on a massive scale and bending the curve of conflict-sensitive development toward a more engaged, accountable, and sustainable future.

The Network’s purpose is:

Easy access

To ensure every member center can access the expertise it needs

Share experiences

Share lessons learned, and integrate innovative ideas, tools, and methodologies developed by other centers (and colleague organizations and partners)


Facilitate organic programmatic collaboration, joint analysis of global issues, and coordinated advocacy activities.

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