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Partners Albania supports civil society development and facilitates inter-sector cooperation to advance democracy, strengthen institutions, and advance economic development in the country. Since 2001, PA has brought the experience of a dynamic, innovative, and leading organization in Albania and the Western Balkan region for an enabling environment and the empowerment of civil society actors and civic engagement, as well as the facilitation of participatory processes, the improvement of accountable and good governance, and the development of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Fundación Cambio Democrático (FCD) envisions a more democratic, just, peaceful, and sustainable society. Since 1999, FCD has worked in Argentina and the Latin American region to promote the transformation of public conflicts and the development of public policies through dialogue, participation, and collaborative processes. Our expertise in mediation, facilitation, conflict transformation, and dialogue advances sustainable development, human rights, and arts, culture, and conflict transformation.

Registered in 1998 under Bulgarian law, Partners Bulgaria Foundation (PBF) is an independent, nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization that works to promote peaceful conflict resolution, mediation, citizens’ participation, and social inclusion by supporting institutions, NGOs and professionals to improve policies and practices in areas like judicial law, social care, child protection, education, economic development and ecology. PBF is achieving its goals by providing research and analysis and the development of innovative methodologies and educational programs, training, and networking.

Partners Colombia works for peacebuilding, access to justice, the protection of rights, dialogue, and institutional strengthening. Since 2009, Partners Colombia has promoted social and cultural transformation by facilitating participatory and inclusive settings for dialogue and conflict resolution, institutional and organizational development and resilience, and the promotion of coexistence and reconciliation.

Partners-Georgia is dedicated to promoting sustainable, resilient, tolerant, and inclusive society, facilitating peaceful dialogue, and advancing democratic values in Georgia. Since its establishment in 1996, Partners-Georgia has gained extensive expertise and established itself as one of the leading providers of training and consulting services in various spheres of organizational management and development, civil society capacity building, youth development, and national integration.

Since 1994, Partners Hungary Foundation has been helping people find their place in their closer and wider communities and find the inner courage and power for change. Our vision is a colourful and inclusive society where cooperation and dialogue are fostered among individuals, within communities, and between communities. We are an accredited training organization in mediation and help parties in conflict to find their own solutions. We create equal chances and possibilities through social integration where progress is built on common decisions, making agreements more successful, more permanent, and sustainable. We also work for happier kindergardens and schools through a step-by-step pedagogical program, and with the help of restorative practices and mediation to build strong communities that use restorative-cooperative approaches instead of a punitive-discipline approach, which makes the days of the children and teachers better.

Partners Iraq is a leader in connecting government, civil society organizations, and active community members in Iraq. PI discovers, develops, empowers, and engages local change leaders through its initiatives to improve access to economic rights, support good governance and rule of law, develop gender mainstreaming, and innovate to ensure peaceful and sustainable impact.

Partners Jordan (PJ) is committed to advancing civil society and promoting local governance, social accountability, conflict management, and a culture of change while encouraging citizen participation in Jordan’s social and political development to strengthen the ongoing political reform efforts. Since its establishment in 2005, PJ has ensured that their methods are grounded in a rights-based, gender-sensitive, inclusive approach. Part of PJ’s success for the past 16 years is its emphasis on local solutions to local problems while using innovative approaches to arrive at effective, evidence-based solutions.

Founded in 2001, Partners Kosova Center for Conflict Management (Partners K) a local NGO with lenghty experience, initially registered as an international locally managed NGO in March 2020. Partners K works to advance civil society, good governance and a culture of change and conflict management in Kosovo, the EU and beyond. We are implementing complex programs on mediation, women and youth leadership, preventing and countering violent extremism, community development and sustainable integration and local government. We cultivate attitudes and change mindsets from individualism to equalized diverse collectivism.

Partners Lebanon uses creativity to bridge divides; empower women and youth; and promote sustainable development. Through our programming, we bring together different actors and diverse perspectives to connect on a deeper level through the transformative power of the arts for social change.

Centro de Colaboración Cívica (CCC) is a civil society, non-partisan and non-profit organization founded in Mexico in 2005. Our mission is to foster a just and peaceful society based on the development of spaces and capacities for dialogue, participation, and good governance. Since 2005, the Center for Civic Collaboration has worked to promote effective processes of multi-stakeholder dialogue, mediation and the construction of agreements, and the strengthening and effective participation of civil society. We generate processes for the collective knowledge around dialogue, negotiation, and free, active, and meaningful participation. As a facilitator of dialogue processes, CCC maintains its impartial third-party role and helps parties achieve sustainable public policies.

The Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative, also known as Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN), is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to enhancing citizens’ participation and improving security governance in Nigeria and West Africa broadly. The organization is located in Abuja, with a national and regional reach. For more information about us and our activities, please visit our website.

Fundacja Partners Polska (Partners Poland) works to provide easy access to mediation and other amicable ways of dispute resolution and to increase people’s participation in decision making processes concerning vital issues. Since its establishment in 1994, Partners Poland has devoted its efforts and resources to introducing mediation and innovative ways of public participation in decisions to new jurisdictions; increasing access for children from the Global South to high quality education and to healthy environments; and educating the public about participatory methods of decision making.

Partners West Africa Senegal (PWA) is a regional, independent nongovernmental organization, founded in 2010 and based in Dakar. PWA – Senegal encourages leaders of civil society, governments, academics, and the private sector to promote dialogue, transparency, good governance, and the participation of youth in national and local development processes. Regionally, PWA – Senegal is committed to being a leader in the promotion of civil society organizations as credible partners in promoting peace, democracy, development, rule of law, and gender-oriented leadership in West Africa.

Partners Serbia is devoted to upholding the rule of law, supporting civil society and institutional development in Serbia and in the region, and building local capacity through a reliance on local expertise. Established in 2008, we specialize in the fields of rule of law, democracy, anti-corruption, human rights (with a special focus on the protection of privacy and personal data), as well as alternative dispute resolution and change and conflict management. We have also developed a distinctive expertise in training, coaching and capacity building.

PDCS addresses the issues of radicalization and polarization of society as well as value clashes and methods of transforming them nonviolently. Through trainings, consultations, publications, blogs, podcasts, and videos, we strive to promote a culture of dialogue. We help public authorities involve citizens and different stakeholders in public decision-making. Together, we are looking for ways to deal with different interests in decision-making and in the formation of regulations and laws.

Partners Yemen (PY), established since 2009, works across Yemen addressing and responding to local needs by promoting social cohesion, peacebuilding, inclusive governance, and capacity building of civil society organizations and local leaders to mediate and resolve conflicts. PartnerYemen also addresses violent extremism by engaging religious and community leaders and promoting religious tolerance and freedom. PartnersYemen supports human security and promotes human right and transitional justice. We strengthen the role of youth in community entrepreneurship, vocational training, and conflict mitigation. And we create common spaces and bottom-up community dialogue to engage community leaders, state officials, and citizens in addressing community issues and improving service delivery.

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